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Why Choose EduLink?

For various reasons, EduLink would be your first choice as your education consulting agency. Here are a few examples:

  • The best service-oriented education consulting firm in Bangladesh
  • Top study abroad agency for higher education in Bangladesh.
  • The best Bangladeshi consultants for international education.
  • Helps Bangladeshi students who want to study overseas after SSC, HSC, O Level, or A Level.
  • Leading consulting firm in Bangladesh for Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
  • Bangladesh's top study abroad agency in terms of cheap service charges.
  • We are dedicated to giving you the best service possible.
  • We have a group of knowledgeable and experienced consultants who can assist you at every stage.
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    Our Services

    Edu Link

    Admission Assistance

    EduLink is a leading study abroad organization in Bangladesh that focuses on students' higher study. It gives support to students who want to study abroad through a wide range of services.

    Program Selection Guidance

    Since each university has its own requirements and deadlines, navigating the admissions process can be challenging and time-consuming. Edu Link helps students in this regard.

    Scholarship and Funding Support

    It can be costly to study abroad, so many students look for grants and other funding options to help them pay for their education.It helps to live overseas and reduces the stress of it.

    Visa Application Support

    Our team helps students prepare their paperwork, increases the possibility that their visa will be approved, and familiarizes them with visa requirements.

    Language Proficiency Preparation

    Every Saturday, we arrange a mock interview session. Students face a mock interview and prepare for visa interviews. It improves their language skills. Before departure, EduLink offers orientations to prepare students.

    Academic Pathway Planning

    EduLink offers comprehensive academic pathway planning and advice. It helps to pick the best colleges and educational programs to fit students' career objectives.

    What our students say

    Study abroad agency in Bangladesh
    Visa Success
    Study abroad agency in Bangladesh
    Expert Counselor
    Study abroad agency in Bangladesh
    Study abroad agency in Bangladesh

    Edu Link: The Best education consultancy firm in Bangladesh

    Every year a large number of students complete their undergraduate and graduate programs. About one lakh students go abroad for higher studies every year. They go abroad for better education and career development. A lot of students in Bangladesh have big dreams of studying abroad. They dream about going to different countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia for higher study. It's exciting because it lets students see new places and get a particular degree from another country. It is like an adventure that helps them learn and grow!

    Have you ever dreamed of studying in exciting places like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, or Europe? Your dreams can come true with Edu Link, Bangladesh's best education consultancy firm, for study-abroad opportunities! Edu Link is like a magic gateway that opens up a world of possibilities for students like you. We are experts in providing accurate and reliable information about studying abroad from Bangladesh! Some reasons why Edu Link is the best student consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

    Top education consultancy firm in Bangladesh in terms of service

    There are many education consultancy firms in Bangladesh, but Edu Link is unique to them. Our team of experienced consultants will guide you through the entire process, from choosing the right course and university to visa processing. Our caring behavior and actual knowledge of the process make the journey easier. We aim to deliver good service to every student. Edu Link is the most-rated study abroad agency in Dhaka. We have partnerships with more than fifty universities in different nations worldwide. It makes students' study abroad journey easier. Edu Link is one of the leading student consultancy firms in Dhaka for many reasons. Our main priority is student visa success. We utilize our ten years of consulting experiences to secure visa success. Reviews from students and their parents show that Edu Link is the most trusted student consultancy firm in Bangladesh. We follow complete transparency and a quick visa application process and assist students in choosing the best universities.

    Best study abroad consultants in Bangladesh for higher studies

    We provide information to students about education, scholarships, admissions, and visa requirements. Many students in Bangladesh want to study abroad for better educational and professional opportunities. Students have continued their education in the UK, the USA, Canada, Italy, and Australia. With Edu Link's support, you can pursue your desired field of study and unlock your full potential. Edu Link is dedicated to helping students like you achieve your dreams. We have strong partnerships with famous universities in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, Dubai, Ireland, Germany, Malta, and more. It means we have the latest information on global education trends. So if you are searching for the best education consultancy firm in Dhaka, Edu Link should be your first choice.

    Best overseas education consultants in Bangladesh

    Edu Link makes the study abroad process simple. We will provide personalized guidance based on your academic goals, interests, and budget. With our expertise and quickness, you can get admission and a visa. In the world we live in today, studying in other countries is a perfect idea for Bangladeshi students. It helps you learn a lot about the world and different ways of thinking. It can help you for better jobs later on. Edu Link is a prominent education consultancy firm in Bangladesh for higher education. We formed reliable collaborations with more than thirty of the world's highest-ranked countries. Documentation of admission and visa paperwork are personal issues for students. We carefully handled all of those documents.

    Helps to study abroad from Bangladesh with a scholarship

    Over the years, there has been a consistent rise in the number of Bangladeshi students overseas. Every year 80 to 90 thousand Bangladeshi students go abroad to pursue higher education overseas. In addition, students from Bangladesh go abroad to pursue undergraduate, Master's, or Ph.D. degrees. Edu Link helps students secure scholarships for higher studies. Scholarships are like golden opportunities to reduce financial burdens and make your dreams come true. With our support, you might find the perfect scholarship that matches your profile and dreams. International students can get numerous UK, USA, and Canadian scholarship possibilities. These countries offer various kinds of scholarships, from merit-based to nation-based. It is the most outstanding choice for Bangladeshi students. Through our quality services, we gain faith from parents and students.

    Helps to study abroad from Bangladesh after SSC, HSC, O Level, or A Level

    It's always early enough to start planning for your future. You can begin your study abroad journey after completing SSC, HSC, O Level, or A Level. Edu Link will assist you in finding the right course and university to shape your bright academic and research prospects. The academic curriculum of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia is practically based. It will help you to acquire proper knowledge about your subjects. Foreign universities have various departments. You can choose according to your choice after completing your intermediate studies. A wide range of chances is open to students after receiving a degree from the US, UK, Australia, or Canada. It is one of the most important advantages for Bangladeshi students. So if you want to study abroad from Bangladesh, you can visit our office at Panthapath.

     Best consultancy firm in Bangladesh for Canada/USA/UK/Australia

    Edu Link is one of the top study abroad consultants in Dhaka. It has created reliable coalitions with the leading universities in the world. Securing a student visa to study in Canada is exciting for Bangladeshi students. With proper planning, students can increase their chances of a successful outcome. Remember, the student visa is not just a piece of paper. So, prepare yourself with the correct information and embark on your path to academic success in Canada! Our education consultant will help you in every step of the Canadian university application. We repeatedly check your documents before submitting them to the university and embassy. Here, you can choose the country and university that best suit your needs. You can also get an easy and quick admissions process. Here you can get all you need. So Edu Link is the best education consultancy firm for Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia.

    Best study abroad agency in Bangladesh with affordable charge

    Edu Link is one of the leading study abroad agencies in Bangladesh.Edu Link is known for its honesty and commitment. We have helped numerous students like you achieve their goals. Their success stories and positive reviews prove that we are the best agency in Bangladesh for studying abroad. So, if you're ready to embark on an exciting adventure of studying abroad, Edu Link is your ultimate companion. With our excellent knowledge, trustworthiness, and dedication, you can explore the world and realize your dreams. Start your journey with Edu Link, and let the world be your classroom!

    Partnership with the best countries to study abroad

    Edu Link is the best option if you are looking for the most popular student VISA counseling agencies in Dhaka. Edu Link has been helping students study abroad since it opened in 2013. We help with the application process for the best universities in the world and provide academic advice on choosing courses, submitting applications, and obtaining visas. We have partnerships with various universities in different countries in the world. Edu Link wants to become a global leader in student VISA services. Very few education consultancy firms in Bangladesh are as cooperative as Edu Link.

    Best student consultancy firm in Dhaka

    Edu Link is one of the prominent student consultancy firms in Dhaka.Edu Link helps students to apply to foreign universities. We're good at getting student visas for Europe, the USA, Australia, and Canada. Our main aim is to give the best service to students who wish to study abroad. We try know the problems of each student and give them proper solutions. Edu Link gives proper services without charging too much money. So, we're the best student consultancy firm in Bangladesh because we're transparent in our work. Quality service is the priority in our minds. While processing applications, we check and cross-check every document. We serve our level best for students' betterment. We know international students require a good institution for their career development. For this reason, we work hard to find the best university according to students' choice.